Ceremonial Accessories

We offer you the added convenience of one-stop shopping by providing a complete range of accessories for your celebration.

We carry a wide variety of crosses and lapel pins, with something for every occasion:  Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Graduation.

Accessories for Confirmation include our ready to wear  Name Doves, Stole Kits and Crest Kits. Please see the individual pages for more information on these items.

Graduation accessories also include vee-stoles  for both rental and purchase.  Purchased vee-stoles may be embroidered with your school name and year at a nominal charge.  Many of our schools are finding these to be an affordable keepsake for the graduates, and will opt to to use the vee-stoles instead of the graduation cap.  However, if you do wish to use graduation caps and tassels — don’t worry, we can provide these for you as well.  Our Honour Stoles and stoles for your Valedictorian, are both available “plain” or with your school name and date embroidered for a nominal charge.  Customized items must be ordered in advance, so please check for details on the appropriate page.

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Ask.  We often custom make items for our clients.

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